Print Waiter don’t want to teach you to suck eggs, or cook them - these are just a few tips from our team to help make your life easier, your menus even better and your business even more successful.


Menu design - this isn’t about what ‘you’ like. Choose a style that suits your food, choose a style that reflects your restaurant’s personality, choose a theme or look that your potential customers will like, and if that can also be a style that you love, then all the merrier. In other words try to look at the menu as a new customer would, would new customers like it, would existing clientele appreciate it, will it boost sales?


Think about where your menu is going to be and picture it in place whilst you are choosing your design style - choose a colour, paper stock and format for the menu that compliments or completely contrasts your dining room, think about how the menu is to be found by your customers, is it better for you to have a double page A3 menu that lays flat on the table or a folded menu that can stand up at each setting.


Think about your written descriptions as much as the chef thinks about the dishes themselves. Love your food and write your descriptions with that love. Your enthusiasm will come across on your menu. One key point for the over-all look and feel is, please don’t throw the kitchen sink at your menu. Be selective. Have a clear focus for your menu. Long menus rarely impress customers, but they do always manage to confuse them.


Don’t forget to price your items correctly, we doubt you’d forget but as a rule cost out each course and beverage in full, then add a relevant proportion of your running costs – it doesn’t matter how you work out your costs, just ensure that everything is included and you know the profit on each item.


How many different menus do you need? A lot of restauranteurs initially think they need one, but most restaurants have separate menus for each service i.e breakfast, lunch and dinner. But what about a separate Drinks menu? Happy Hour? Children’s Menu? How about Seasonal Specials?


Is your menu legal? From 13th Dec 2013, information on the 14 main allergens used in foods sold without packaging must be provided. Print Waiter is proud to provide Industry-Leading standards, have a look at our Allergy Labelling section for more guidance.

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